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Oracle E-Business Suite R12 Upgrades

Oracle R12 is here with some great new functionality. Some of our clients who have upgraded to the Oracle E-Business Suite R12 are experiencing some great benefits including reduced customizations, faster and simplified reporting, increased visibility into performance metrics and lower operating costs.

However, with any upgrade, there are always challenges as well as quirks and interesting factoids you find as you go through the implementation. This makes the whole process so much fun!

Reasons to Upgrade

With the exception of guaranteeing ongoing product support, organizations typically only consider upgrading if there is a compelling business reason. Some of the major benefits of upgrading include:

Obtaining a more robust and scalable architecture

Upgrading can provide advanced database capabilities, better integration, newer extensions and personalization, and improved security for enterprise applications.

Enhancing efficiency

Upgrading can lay the foundation for a shared services model, enable the easy design of multiple tax models, and introduce newer, more flexible accounting elements.

Streamlining compliance

Obtaining compliance with industry regulations can be greatly simplified by upgrading to a newer version of the application. For example, new features in Oracle EBS R12 include alternate accounting representations, revenue management, and transaction sequencing.

Enabling more efficient collaboration

Enterprise application extensions can provide a platform for collaborating with all trading partners - leading to greater efficiencies in inventory, procurement, and logistics costs.

Facilitating better reporting

Newer versions of enterprise applications often have improved reporting capabilities. Oracle R12 Flexi Reporting enables IT teams to easily create user-friendly reports, with higher presentation quality

As an Oracle Gold Partner offering a range of implementation, integration and customization services, Appsfusion can assists your organization in upgrading to R12. Appsfusion Services combine technical and functional expertise to help your organization preserve existing business processes and leverage the new features of R12. We offer flexible options to simplify the upgrade process with minimal impact on productivity and maximum ROI at reduced cost.

Appsfusion enhances the value of an R12 upgrade project by providing:

Arrow A pre-upgrade assessment that defines the project scope, budget and business impact
Arrow Detailed technical effort documentation, including an assessment of project complexity
Arrow Recommendations for a technology roadmap, technical optimization and risk assessment
Arrow Pre-defined templates, reusable components and use of proprietary accelerators for rapid migration and faster deployment
Arrow Global delivery model for greater flexibility and cost-effective delivery
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